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Thank you for your interest in supporting the Foundation.


There are 3 main ways you can help - 1. Donate to a special fund, we have three running currently; 2. Join HockeyFamily Friends - if you really want to make a difference then please join us and commit yourself to making a difference; 3. Become an official Fundraiser - Maybe you have an event or activity that you can run in support of the foundation. Please follow the links below for further information.

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Welcome to the Hockey Foundation


What is the problem?


Hockey is still predominantly an amateur sport, albeit with professional governance structures in many nations. A handful of top hockey athletes can earn enough from hockey to live modestly for a relatively short period of time, and nations are largely relient on government or National Olympic Committee funding to survive. So, as is often the case, grassroots, social development and education are often the last to receive support, even when the primary purpose of many organisations is the development and promotion of the game. For hockey NGOs, independent projects, club and school programmes and unstructured participation, their only hope is fundraising and donations.


What is our solution?


The Hockey Foundation is committed to supporting organisations and individuals who can help us achieve our Hockey4LIFE goals. To build the funds and capacity to achieve this we have created five Funds:


1.    The Hockey Foundation Fund - for delivery of Foundation projects and events, specifically for education, participation and inspiration activities.


2.    The Olympic Futures Fund - to support potential future international players with access to equipment and training/education. The primary purpose of the fund is to support athletes with the greatest financial barriers to international participation.


3.    The HockeyDREAMS Fund - to support the development of participation opportunities for young people. In particular, the fund will support projects which can demonstrate a wider social benefit for young people, such as health, education, gender equality, social mobility. A key focus of support for the HockeyDREAMS fund are Parahockey projects


4.    The Heritage Fund - to provide a sustainable support mechanism for The Hockey Museum. As a core partner of the Museum, The Hockey Foundation is committed to protecting and celebrating hockey's history.


5.    The Equally Amazing Fund - commitment to gender equality in hockey. Its purpose is to support projects that provide opportunities for women to access top level education, coaching and leadership positions in hockey.


How can you help?


General Donations: We are inviting one-off donations to support any or all of our five Hockey Foundation Funds. For donors who are able and willing to make a recurring commitment, we invite them to join HockeyFamily Friends.


Project 1. HockeyFamily Friends


A club to unite like-minded hockey lovers/nuts/badgers/tragics… who are able and willing to contribute to a central fund that will support areas of our game that are most in need. The HockeyFamily Friends Fund will support new and existing projects that enable the sustainable development of hockey. Some projects will be delivered directly by the Foundation and its partners, others will be via external applicants to a matched-funding scheme.


You can join the HockeyFamily Friends at one of 3 levels – Hero, Superhero or Ambassador.

•    Hero - entry level – for anyone who wants to be part of making everything happen and want to be kept up to date with progress via our newsletter. (minimum annual donation USD 100)


•    Superhero - our core supporters – able to make a slightly higher and regular contribution, with additional opportunities to visit projects and events.

(minimum annual donation USD 2000)


    Ambassador - our changemakers - members have the opportunity to help shape the future direction of the Foundation. Ambassadors will be invited to contribute to decision making, attend projects and events, and will be publicly recognised (if desired).

(minimum annual donation USD 10,000)

Project 2. Foundation Partners (Corporate sponsors and suppliers)


The Foundation has many opportunities for corporate relationships – for sponsor/partner activation and for suppliers. Relationships may be CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) based, or direct support of a Foundation Fund. We have three partner categories: Global Hockey Foundation partner, Hockey4LIFE delivery partner, Recognised Development Organisation.


•    Global Hockey Foundation Partner – May or may not be CSR based. The opportunity to spearhead one or more of our projects and help create the face of The Hockey Foundation. We will work together to find ways to add value and activate for the mutual benefit of both organisations. 

About the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) opportunity: with members in 137 nations worldwide, and associations with many NGOs and delivery organisations, The Hockey Foundation can provide solutions to CSR goals that add value and provide impact that is aligned to corporate objectives. We will focus on solutions to social problems that mean something to you and your business.


•    Hockey4LIFE Partner – Organisations involved in delivering hockey activities who are willing and able to collaborate on project delivery on a fundraising NFP basis. Collaborative products/services will be officially recognised as Hockey4LIFE partner products.


•    Recognised Development Organisations – Organisations involved in delivering hockey activities anywhere in the world and who would like to be globally recognised as an RDO. An annual fee and assessment process have been established for interested organisations.


Project 3. The World Youth Hockey Festival (WYHF)


The World Youth Hockey Festival will be the heart of all Foundation activity each year, commencing in 2020. It will be a celebration of the achievements of the Foundation, its friends and partners.


A group of young-changemakers will spearhead the event together with expert volunteers as guides and mentors.


The Festival will include youth hockey competition, education courses and a youth conference. A celebration Gala dinner, incorporating the World Hockey Stars Awards, key-note speakers and a Foundation Auction will be the main event of the Festival.


We are now seeking delivery and funding partners/sponsors who can help drive the Festival. We are looking for like-minded organisations who would like to be a part of something very unique and special for world hockey. We are ready to discuss all ideas for promotion, activation and delivery.