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Foundation Partners
The team behind the team

The Hockey Foundation invites businesses from within and outside the hockey family to join as Foundation Partners and help us to make the world a better place through hockey. 


Hockey4LIFE Partners


Organisations involved in delivering hockey activities who are willing and able to collaborate on project delivery on a fundraising Not-For-Profit basis. Collaborative products/services will be officially recognised as Hockey4LIFE partner products.

Partner delivery areas including: Coaching, Camps, Academies, Conferences, Consultancy and Charitable/NGO activity.

For further information please contact us.


Recognised Development Organisations


With the aim of developing and promoting hockey at all levels throughout the world, and in support of the Hockey2024 global development strategy (and future development strategies), the THF may recognise organisations, other than members or affiliates, that are making or will make a significant contribution to the global growth of hockey.

The statutes, practices and activities of the RDOs must conform to the values of the FIH and meet the specific criteria for an RDO, as detailed in this document. An assessment process must be completed and an annual donation is payable to maintain recognition.

Rights and Responsibilities of FIH/THF RDO status


•    Possibility to deliver development projects on behalf of the FIH and its members.

•    Possibility to use FIH/THF RDO branding in accordance with the FIH branding guidelines.

•    Possibility to be listed on the website as an FIH/THF RDO.

•    Possibility of the FIH/THF granting its patronage for development events/projects.

•    Possibility to apply to receive financial aid for specific development projects from the FIH and/or The Hockey Foundation.

•    The FIH RDO must respect rules on use of FIH and The Hockey Foundation properties.

•    The FIH RDO must abide by the FIH public messaging rules and regulations.

•    The FIH RDO must deliver an annual report of activities, plus a financial report (where a grant has been awarded).

•    The FIH RDO must abide by the terms of the FIH RDO memorandum of understanding.

For further information please contact us


Global Hockey Foundation Partners


May or may not be CSR based. The opportunity to spearhead one or more of our projects and help create the face of The Hockey Foundation. We will work together to find ways to add value and activate for the mutual benefit of both organisations.

For further information please contact us.