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The Hockey Foundation aims to support the work of brilliant organisations and individuals around the world who are making a difference through hockey. In order to clarify what type of projects the Foundation will support, and to make it clearer for focused donations, the Foundation Board established four support funds - Olympic Futures, HockeyDREAMS, Heritage and Equally Amazing.

Equally Amazing

The Olympic Futures Fund was established to support potential future international players with access to equipment and training/education. The primary purpose of the fund is to support athletes with the greatest financial barriers to international participation.

The fund is championed by the FIH Athletes Committee, a group of current and former international hockey players, elected by their peers and serving as volunteers.

The HockeyDREAMS Fund exists to support the development of participation opportunities for young people. In particular, the fund will support projects which can demonstrate a wider social benefit for young people, such as health, education, gender equality, social mobility.

A key focus of support for the HockeyDREAMS fund are Parahockey projects.

The fund is managed directly by the Hockey Foundation grants sub-group.

The Heritage Fund was set up to provide a sustainable support mechanism for The Hockey Museum. As a core partner of the Museum, The Hockey Foundation is committed to protecting and celebrating hockey's  history.

For more information about the work of the Hockey Museum please visit:

The fund is managed directly by the Hockey Foundation grants sub-goup.

The Equally Amazing Fund was established as part of the Hockey Foundation commitment to gender equality in hockey. Its purpose is to support projects that provide opportunities for women to access top level education, coaching and leadership positions in hockey.

The fund is championed by the FIH Women in Sport Committee, chaired by IOC Women in Sport commission member and THF board member Marijke Fleuren.

Applications for support: Please write to in the first instance