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Welcome to the Foundation Fundraising TOOL KIT!

Thank you for thinking about the Hockey Foundation when you decided to run a fundraising event. Here you will find lots of useful information to help you run your project/campaign, together with a form for registering your project. Please email us if you are unsure what to do next, otherwise happy fundraising and best of success with your project. 

Fundraising Project Registration
How much do you hope to raise from your project?

The following are some useful links to help you get started.

Fundraising Ideas

- Eventbrite


- Funds2orgs

- TheFundraisingAuthority

When you have decide what project/event you would like to do then please let us know by completing the registration form.

We will contact you to explain how we can support your project, such as promotion through THF and FIH social channels, advice on partnerships and local grants.


We look forward to hearing from you.